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Group for Andorians on Facebook!

Posted by circuitsmaximus on 2014.06.15 at 18:48
Hello? Anyone still use this thing? Thiptho lapth?

I started a Facebook group, The Andorian Mining Consortium, and it's been totally taking off. Join us there!


Because it needed to be done. Even though I'm still not an artist. I think it came out pretty cute though!


Fan Art: Jeffrey Combs as Shran Chibi

Posted by tinah on 2012.05.19 at 10:25
Did you ever wonder how his tongue got blue when playing Shran?

( Safe for all audiences. )

Wonder no more!


Late to the party and having questions

Posted by tinah on 2012.04.14 at 13:56
Finally caught up with buying all of Star Trek earlier this year, and fell in love with this blue-antennaed people. It was mostly on a fangirlish "OMG-their-antennae-move-it's-so cute!!!11!" level at first, but seeing the growth of Shran as a character during the series, I started getting interested in his species as a whole ( as well as maybe possibly developing a little crush on Shran himself! ;-).

So, if anybody is still reading this community, I'd like to ask you what other books there are besides "Andor: Paradigm" that feature these people? ( I know "The Andor Files" lists every appearance of Andorians everywhere, but there's no telling how many of them are just a mention in passing. ) Also, is there any Andorian fanfiction except what little I've found on fanfiction.net? Or any other good sites besides "The Andor Files"? Anything else interesting you could share with a latecomer to this part of Star Trek?

PBs ♪ Namorita // bear
Posted by mirroriste on 2010.01.31 at 17:48
Come join the fun!

Hi I am going to start writing an Andorian story which will be posted on fan fiction net it will star every ones favorite Andorian Commander plus his three friends who were is the "Andorain Incident".
Does any one know any Andorian name's male and female also want are Shrans brothers and sisters called I have seen their names in various stories on the net but I'm wondering are they cannon or fan names.
Also I have a question that has bugged me for a while now when did Archer find out what Shrans name is I don't recall any of Shrans men saying his name also the next time we see Shran and his friend (I don't recall his name) Shran's name is not mentioned and Tucker just says the Andorians he doesn't say Shrans name it's not until "Cease fire" that we actual hear Shrans name and Archer seems to know the name have I missed something is his name mentioned at some point prior to this it's just bugging me can any one help me!

Any really good Shran Fiction out there

Posted by ladykempton on 2008.10.12 at 23:06
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Hello I'm a new member, Shran is one of my favorite Enterprise Character's as are Andorian's I have looked for a while now for Sharn based fiction can any one please point out some really good Shran based fiction.

Myriad Universes

Posted by elliblue on 2008.09.20 at 12:25
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Has anyone read Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions? I saw it at the bookstore the other day and the story about Thelin seems pretty awesome and true to DS9 canon.

Posted by escottish140 on 2008.09.17 at 03:36
Whoa...it's very dead in here. HELLLLOOOOOO! (echo, echo, echo) Anyway, it's been a long while since I've been on LJ, but I'm back now.

Couple of things, I wanted to say I'm writing an essay on Andorians in my account at http://escottish140.livejournal.com in concern of my Star Trek: Titus project, which you can see at http://mlle-relda.deviantart.com/gallery/#Star-Trek-Titus -- and I've love to hear any opinions.

Secondly, I have some questions in concern of my fiction as members of the Andorian (Imperial) Guard play a big role through the stories:

1) I'd like to discuss the Andorian shelthreth established in the Relauched novels, but keep to the more aggressive and volatile personalities established in ENT and keep to the Star Trek tradition of "morality tales" and as homosexuality was never really discussed in Trek as well as I'd like, so I want to use Andorian "couple" as a metaphor to it: It mainly concerns a tezha between two Andorians, Yssir (a shen, no relation to Starfleet Academy Yssir; the character's named after a former aquaintance of mine named Üllar) and Saapho (a zhen, named after the Greek poetess) in love, but their tezha affair was found out. The Relauched novels mention that tezhas that's happened BEFORE the shelthreth (ie: Shar and Thriss) was bonded. However, what happens if your already committed to the shelthreth? Because Yssir and Saapho eventually become part of the same shelthreth, but still have their sexual union OUTSIDE it, is it still considered a taboo? And I know that the Evaste Elders can dissolve a betrothal, but what of a "marriage", could they able to dissolve that? And what is the exact punishment for committing a tezha? Exile from Andorian society?

2) Since Tholos "flirted" with T'Pol in "The Andorian Incident" episode, it appears possible that they can be attracted to members outside their species in a sexual sense. Yet I don't believe Relauched novels ever mentioned what happens if an Andorian had romantic relations OUTSIDE his or her species, or if it's even possible. One of my characters (Starfleet) Ensign Ling (who is known for her tumultuous romances, sigh!) has a rather intimiate flirtation with an Andorian guardsman named Subcommander Tholon (because "Lieutenant Commander" and "First Lieutenant" sounded WIERD), although it has not a sexual affair, it is an EMOTIONAL affair. He has to fulfil his shelthreth and there lies a problem. In ENT, Andorian value honour and complete honesty! But to commit to a "marriage" while in "love" with someone else, wouldn't that be considered a lie? That's basically you're lying to your bondmates, attempting to live a lie, and thus you're lying to yourself, wouldn't that be the worst kind of dishonour? A type of self-deceitfulness which would turn into a type of self-loathing? However, breaking the shelthreth would be dishonourable, too, ignoring familial duty -- and to an Andorian, family is everything.

Personally, I would like him to refuse the shelthreth and remain with Ling, but would a REAL Andorian do that? And if he did, who he be punished? If so, in what way? Would he be thrown out of the Guard? Exiled? What do you think?

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